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SCOTOMAVILLE 01.02 Adena OH Pattern Recognition

We have a 20 watt brain and an operating system that wants to conserve energy. That's a frightful combination. We usually skip the processing and jump right to a conclusion. Less effort, less energy, conservation... 100% wrong 50% of the time. Yep, a dreadful habit.


"Welcome back to another beautiful day in Scotomaville."

"Today we're gonna talk about pattern recognition or pattern seeking. It's a skill set that we develop as we grow up, and then it becomes an undoing. It becomes a liability. It actually becomes something that others get a handle on. They can use it against us because we have a 'bent' in our biology... to use as little of this 20 watts(motioning to the head) as possible and to take other people's recommendation and not do the research."

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  • You will notice the single yellow dot far quicker than the abundant string of black dots to the left of it.
  • You will notice the missing vertical bar (circled) before you notice the soldiered row of bars to the left/right.

Architects regularly leverage this mental bias for finding fault (what's missing) in the built environment.

Who else does this?

  1. News (if it bleeds, it leads)
  2. Politicians (caustic twitter posts get all the attention)
  3. Children (the louder I cry, the more attention I get...)
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Challenge Your Personal Everest

The greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding, as the prize is not in discovering new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.

Desire is what best sustains your thoughts. The more passionate your desire is, the more quickly the thing you want will spring up in your life.
Mark Fisher



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